"I'm saving 5% on every payment to China"

Remitsy offers businesses the cheapest and fastest way to make payments to China in CNY.

Try out our calculator to see how much you can save.

"The money is transferred very quickly, the whole process is easy and straightforward and Remitsy's customer support is excellent."
Thijs van der ToomCEO, NextportChina
"Using Remitsy has allowed us to quickly and painlessly deal with sending RMB to suppliers in China. What’s more, I’m saving 5% on every payment. Highly recommended."
Kanako DavisCFO, First4Figures
"Overall very impressed by the product and service. Highly recommend it to others. It helps that the exchange rate was also better than other online payment services :)"
Asit GuptaCEO, AdvocacyAsia

"I'm saving 5% on every payment to China"

Remitsy offers businesses the cheapest and fastest way to make payments to China in CNY.
Try out our calculator below to see how much you can save.


We think businesses shouldn’t have to worry about complicated processing costs and hidden conversion fees. Instead, at Remitsy we use the real exchange rate for currency conversions. And transfers are charged a simple fee according to your invoice value – starting at 1%!

save on payment fees when sending money to China


Time is money. Long payment turnarounds increase currency risk and slow down your business. Stop waiting for your payments to arrive – express payments through Remitsy arrive in hours instead of days, and are delivered direct to your recipient’s bank or Alipay account.

Time is money, save on hidden transaction fees


We take extensive measures to make sure we are protecting not only the security of your funds, but your data too. We guarantee all of our users’ payments and employ bank-grade encryption to protect our servers and data. Find out more about our security policies here.

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How to Make a Payment


Enter payment amount, select arrival time and upload your invoice.


Provide us your basic company details and select your recipient.


Wire the requested amount to your nearest Remitsy bank account.

4. DONE!

We convert the payment and deliver the receive amount directly to the recipient’s account within the selected arrival time. Easy!


Remitsy is the ideal way to pay freelancers, agents and remote workers in China. Our customers are making payments for jobs as wide ranging as translation, quality inspection, software development and video production. Find out more.


We offer tailor-made APIs for delivering real-time payments to your Chinese users. In addition to delivering CNY to bank accounts in real-time, we are the only cross-border solution that can deliver to Alipay wallets. Find out more.

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Our Team

Richard Bensberg

Chief Executive Officer

Richard is one of the foremost experts in transactional compliance and the blockchain thanks to extensive career in risk management for the financial services & tech sectors in the UK, Singapore, and China.

Neil has found the best way to send money to China for businesses.

Neil Woodfine

Chief Operating Officer

Originally specialising in manufacturing industries, Neil has seen firsthand the payment and logistics issues involved in trade with China. He is now excited to be solving these issues using blockchain technology.

Remitsy is a London and Beijing based fintech startup.

John Porter


A highly successful entrepreneur, always at the cutting edge of new tech. Among his many ventures, John guided Verifone to become the leading provider of credit card verification equipment in the world.

Member of Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China, China - EUmember of China-Britain Business Council, UKRemitsy member of London Chamber of Commerce and IndustryRemitsy member of Global Fintech Association