Access Remitsy’s amazingly low rates while delivering payments to China in real-time. We convert most major currencies to Chinese yuan at the mid-market exchange rate, plus our usual 1% fee. There is no cheaper way to deliver payments to China.

save on payment fees when sending money to China


In addition to being able to deliver to any bank account in China, we are the world’s first cross-border solution for business payments to Alipay wallets. When given the choice we find that the majority of our client’s users will choose Alipay over bank payments. Be ahead of the curve.


We excel at small business payments – but for micropayments we totally knock the ball out of the park! Now, thanks to Remitsy, businesses can deliver any size payment to Alipay wallets in real-time via our API.

Our service is being used by platforms in spaces as diverse as cashback, video gaming tournaments, and influencer social marketing.